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Seret al-Hob - The Subject of Love
translated by Nour al-Amoura for Lucy
Tool omry bakhaf men el hob wa seret el hob wa zolm el hob le kol as-habo
All my life I have been afraid of love and the subject of love and the zolm of love (consequences, suffering? Can't find the right word for zolm)
Le kol as-habo means like 'of all those involved in love'

Wa araf hekayat malyana a'haat we demo'a wa anen wel ayshe2een dabo matabo
And I know stories full of sorrow and tears and those that loved fell deep but never stopped loving (ok dabo matabo means like they melt and fall in love but it does not stop them from falling and melting over and over again)

Tool omry ba'ool le ana ad el sho2 we layaly sho2 wala alby ad azabo
All my life I say that I'm not up for this love (as big as this love) and the nights of love and my heart is not as big as this pain/suffering

Wa abeltak enta la'aytak betghayar kol hayaty
Then I met you, I found that you changed my whole life

Ma'rafsh ezay habaytak, ma' rafsh ezay ya hayaty
I don't know how I feel in love, I don't know how ya hayaty
(ya hayaty = calling the person 'my life' sign of affection of course)

Men hamset hob la'etney baheb wa adoob fel hob sobhh wa lail ala babo
From the first sight I found I'm in love and falling in love day and night (all the time)

Fat omry seneen wa seneen, shoft aleel a'sheen elly beyeshky halo le halo
(kinda hard to translate but I'll attempt)
Many years of my life passed, I saw a few in love that "talk to themselves"
like almost you can say going crazy? You know, when one asks himself "oh what do I do?" I think that is what this line means.

We elly beyebky ala mawalo ahl el hob saheeh masakeen
And those that cry over their stories, its true that those in love are vulnerable (poor them)

Yama el hob nada ala alby wa ma'radesh alby gawab, yama sho2 hawel yehiyelny
Many times love has knocked at my door and my heart didn't answer, many times love has tried to get to me

Wa a'olo roh ya aazab wana ayoun shagaloony laken wala shagaloony
And I say go away oh pain. (let me explain this next part cuz literal translation does not make sense in English) Many eyes have "worked" me yet none of them "worked" me. Ok like many men for example, have been interested in her and have made eye contact with her, tried to get to her, yet none of them interested her or had any effect on her.

Elly ayounak enta, dool bas elly khadoony wa behobak amaroony
Except your eyes, only those eyes got me (took me) and with your love amaroony (amaroony means like you are ordered to do something, but not ordered like demanding or in a negative way, sort of like you feel you have to do something, or give in or agree, hope this makes sense cuz there is no word for amaroony in English)

Amaroony aheb la'etney baheb wa adoob fel hob sobhh wa lail ala babo
They ordered me to love, I found I'm in love and melting in love day and night

Yaly zalamto el hob wa olto wa edto aalay mesh aref eh el ayb feekom ya habayebkoom
I've wronged this love and I don't know, the problem must be in you all or in those that love (saying like the problem is the people that love, not love itself)

Amel hob ya rohy aalay fel denia mafesh abadan abadan ahla men el hob
But love, oh there is nothing nothing in this world sweeter than love

Netaab, neghleb, neshteky meno lakan ben heb
We get hurt, we love, we complain from it, but… we still love

Ya salam al alb wa tenhedo fe wasal we foraa'
Oh what a feeling the heart has (tenhedo is like pulsating, beating?) when one is far or near (their lover)

Wa shamoo el sho2 lama ye edo lail el mostaa
No literal translation for this line. Means like, the feeling of love, (says wax of love) and of longing, missing someone, can make the night seem like day, makes the night as bright as day.

What a song! So rich in words that I have never even used in my life haha. My mom says that the writer of this song was madly in love with Omm Kalthoum and loved her forever. She never had any feelings for him, he wrote this song for her, she sang it. In all their lives there was never a relationship between them, he got married, had children, and the whole time his wife knew how much he loved Omm Kalthoum. When she died, he died shortly after her…

Most of her songs were written by him, which is why most of them are so deep and romantic and sad too but lovely!

Oh, are the numbers confusing? The 2's 3's and 7's are for Arabic sounds that correspond to letters that aren't in the English alphabet.