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Salamet-ha Om Hassan
Get well, Mother of Hassan
Singer: Ahmed Adaweyya

"Umm Hassan is a woman who thinks that she is possessed and wants an exorcist so that she can be healed", writes Adel.

Get well Umm Hassan,
Get well from the bad eye and evil
Get well all our lovers from the eye of envy
She was hit by the academic illness
And she could not sleep
You can not blame her
Get well Umm Hassan...
She burned incense but it did not help
They played the drums loud to her ear like a bullet
But it did not help
Wake up Umm Hassan
You know better that all that incense and drums
And all the hocus pocus do not help

Get well Umm Hassan


The Arabian Nights - Night #

Women of the City of the Dead

I'll get you the name of the name of it later.