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Here is a list of workshops Yasmin has taught in the past, but if you have a favorite topic she is always up for the challenge (providing it is within her expertise!)


superstars flyerA 1001 Arabian Nights at the Movies Workshop Series:
These workshops are usually presented with a movie followed by a technique class

  • The Egyptian Belly Dance Superstars - Click here for more info.
  • The Golden Era: An Overview of 1920s - 1950s Belly Dance
  • Samia Gamal Technique - Click here for more info.
  • Tahia Carioka Technique
  • Naima Akef
  • Nabawiyya Moustafa Technique
  • Ghawazee Technique and Shimmies
  • The 1960s - 1980s: An Overview of Classic Belly Dance
  • Sohair Zuki technique
  • Nagwa Fouad technique
  • Fifi Abdou technique
  • Nelly Fouad technique
  • Mona Said technique
  • Sahar Hamdi technique
  • Aiza Sharif technique
  • Hayatim technique
  • Shoo Shoo Amin technique
  • Dina
  • 1990's: Lucy, Ida Nour and Dandesh technique
  • The Zar - Click here for more info
  • Trance Dancing with the Jinn
  • Sagat Speak: Egyptian Finger Cymbals - Learn How to Play Egyptian finger cymbals - sagat - (the ones with only one hole and flat wide rims). This workshop explains how to string, hold and play them, plus an extensive history lesson on the origin of finger cymbals and explanations of the many patterns used by the masters - for both belly dance and zar. I will also teach traditional ghawazee patterns from 1798, as recorded in Napoleon's Description de l'Egypte. Workshop includes:  The Six Sounds - Sound Drills - Nursery Rhymes - Three Basic Rhythms - Number Combinations - Ghawazee Patterns - Sagat Solo field recordings - Egyptian rhythm drills.
  • Rattles and Trance: Goat Hoof Belts and Tin Cans - How to play the Mangour
  • 25 Rhythms Every Belly Dancer Should Know
  • Saidi Cane Dancing
  • Andalusion Dance: Semai - The Intricate Rhythms of the Medieval Moors and Ottoman Sultans.

Basic Egyptian Technique

Includes 8 hours of classes designed to teach the basic movements of classic Egyptian cabaret dancing:

YasminBasic hip movements
Thoracic and pelvic isolation and articulation
Undulations - Snakes / Camels
Arm and Hand movements
Walking steps
Shoulder shakes
Stomach rolls
Head movements
Leg and feet placement

This is not designed as a "Beginner" class, but as a review of "Egyptian Basics". Beginners will not feel lost, however only someone with several years of experience and an understanding of Middle Eastern movement and music will fully appreciate the nuances in style, as compared to Turkish, American Cabaret or Tribal.

There are 5 branches of Middle Eastern dance, each with a unique flavor. Lebanese is different from Turkish, which is different from AmCab, Tribal or Egyptian. Intricate, complicated movements in any style require command of specific muscle groups. Since styles vary, it follows that the muscles used will vary. A dancer may know the "basics" of her style, but not necessarily the basics of another. A performer may think the movements are the same, but they are not.

The Essentials of Egyptian Cabaret
INTENSIVE performance oriented 4 hour classes

Can you answer these questions? 

You will be able to after this series of workshops.

Learn the essentials of an Egyptian Cabaret performance from a dancer with 40 yrs of first hand experience.  In this series of 4 hour classes you will cover how to perform an entrance piece, a finale, a drum solo and a beledi number. Classes also cover the music for each of these sections as well as specific steps, transitions, emotional content, facial expressions and hand gestures associated with the movements. 

Because of the intensive nature of these classes the following dance experience is required: 2 years of SERIOUS Middle Eastern dance training OR Attendance at a BASIC EGYPTIAN week-end workshop

  • Opening Number / Finale
  • Drum Solo
  • Beledi Progression and Audience Participation
  • Taqsim
  • Cane / Zils
  • Egyptian make up / costuming / work ethics / dancing for the camera

Participants should bring one track of music to each class that is appropriate for the topic of the day.  For the Intro class bring a veil. Call or e-mail if you have questions (301)-654-2224. Classes can be taken separately. Each topic does not require previous attendance to other topics.