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Ode to Sour Grapes


YasminA Sound-off Reply:

Before I start, I would like to say
their shows I have not seen,
neither Taaj's Competition
nor "Skanktana's" Casa scene.

Oh my dear, I have named the slut -
so that justice can be dealt.
Good readers now please hear me out,
your time will be well spent.

For 30 years I have done this dance,
in Arab lands I've stayed.
I worked in nightclubs big and small,
much money have I made.

Working for tips, it was a must -
the people's favorite part -
to show appreciation
for the dancer's subtle art.

I climbed upon the table tops,
I climbed upon the chairs.
No one ever looked at me
with angry hostile stares.

It was their way, it was their wish,
happy did they appear.
And to shield our butts from roving eyes
we wore sequined underwear.

We teased them here, we snubbed them there.
It was all part of the act -
to present a hip, then take it away
to see how they would react.

Enough of me. Now to the point.
Injustice has been done.
I can't sit back and let Taaj write
insinuations for fun.

I wrote a tale - I was mad, it's true -
to reply to Taaj's venom.
According to her, I'm bad as well
and will never go to heaven.


Ode to Sour Grapes

"Come talk to me" the Walrus said.
"We'll speak of many souls;
of sour grapes and belly dance
and Taaj's stripper poles."

"She was lewd" the writer said.
"You know she broke the LAW!
She climbed upon the table tops
and took money in her bra!

The cops were there - they saw it all -
but they didn't seem to mind.
Instead they watched her carry on."
(Free shows are hard to find.)

"Oh. My. God. Did you see that?
I think I'll have a fit!
A WOMAN at my table
with her hand upon a tit!

She wiggled here, she jiggled there,
her butt was in my face!
Her gut went in and then went out -
Lord help us, what disgrace!

Too much money, too much fun!
MY show they all forgot.
How dare they treat me in this way,
a loser I am not!

I'll show her! I'll show them all!
This story I will tell......
but in a way to make them say
'It's only sex SHE sells!'

WAMEDA's pages are just the place
to set my plan in motion.
The "stripper" word is all I need
to ruin her reputation!"

Taaj, our magazine was never meant
as a place to settle scores.
It's supposed to be a learning tool.
It's not for naming whores.

The fellow dancer you wrote about
may be young, it's true,
but she pleased the crowd and made them smile,
which was more than you seemed to do.

The Arabs like to be involved,
they like to 'be the show.'
They like to see charisma

They want to feel emotion
from women on the stage,
not just watch automatons
working for a wage.

Monkey tricks and pick up sticks
will keep the numbers coming.
But only when you bare your soul
will you keep them all returning.

I'm so sorry your night was bad -
it's HARD playing second fiddle.
But please, the next time round,
don't put WAMEDA in the middle.

copyright 2004: Yasmin