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The Henkesh Family
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Sayed + LucyPerhaps you've heard of them. The eldest son, Sayed, helped Karin Van Nieuwkerk
with her research for A Trade Like Any Other. He plays the accordion and has
accompanied many of Egypt's stars, such as dancers Lucy and Ida Nour.


Yasmin + Khamis LondonAnother, Khamis, is the tabla virtuoso featured on
Piranha's albums Mokhtar al Said and Drummers of the
. Two other brothers are also percussionists, Reda and



Henkesh storeTheir father, Rayes Henkesh, an accordion master, was well-known on
Mohammad Ali Street during Cairo's golden days. He was in great
demand for weddings and other celebrations. The family still owns a
musical instrument store there, which is full of wonderful traditional
instruments. Khamis + RedaListen to a clip from some of his wonderful drum solos,
soon to be released on The Sands of Time
- Sout al Beled label
. Khamis can also be
heard playing on Cry to the Moon, where
he has an 8 min drum solo.

The third generation continues the
family's musical gifts. Karim Henkesh, Sayed's son, is a gifted violin player and
Conservatory graduate. His heart felt taqsims and renditions of Om Kalthoum's
repertory can be enjoyed on Cry to the Moon.