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General Middle Eastern Dance Information:
Information on the great Egyptian dancers and more...
The Washington DC Area Middle Eastern Dance Association -
For info and activities of our local dance community.


Rom sites:


Friends of Artemis: - Tayyar Akdeniz and other guest dance and music teachers teach and perform in Turkey
at Tayyar's Folk Tours and his Music and Dance Camp. - International Dance Fest in Shalimar, Florida. Contact Daria. - Newport News,Virginia. Contact Chelydra - North Carolina. Contact Shibar - Montreal, Canada at McGill University. Contact Elise - great Middle Eastern dance site - Portland, Oregon. Contact Paulette Reese-Denis - Baltimore, Maryland and Mass. Contact Rhea from Athens, Piper from Baltimore and Melissa from Mass - New Jersey. Contact Alexia for classes and performances - Pennsylvania. Contact Tahya for classes and performances in dance and drumming - New York. Contact June Seeney for classes and performances - Baltimore, Maryland. Contact Devra Giles for custom costuming, classes and performances - great dance schools in the Washington, DC area - California. Contact Kajira for merchandise, classes and performances - Great vendors of Turkish items. Contact Baha - Dayton, Ohio. Contact Kira La Fave and Little Egypt for classes and performances - New York City. Contact Anahid Sofian for information about her dance school, classes and performances

Bonita Oteri - Virginia. Contact Bonita for classes and performances (703) 569-8506

Recommended by Yasmin and Artemis:

Publications + Articles
Middle-East Online


Rashid Arabic Music
Oldest seller of Arabic music in the USA. In business since 1939. Some classic Arabic movies on VHS

Hollywood Music Center

Large selection of Arabic music for dancers - some authentic, some Americanized

Traditional Crossroads
Vending Turkish, Romany and other Balkan and Middle Eastern music.

Maqam Music + Videos
Another large Arabic music site

Piranha Music
An excellent producer of Arabic music in Germany

Music Lyric translations

Shira's Lyrics - Very GOOD compilation of web sites that offer translations of famous Arabic songs. You should know what the words mean for the song that you're dancing to!


The American University in Cairo - Wonderful collection of books about Egypt, ancient to modern.


The Belly Dance Store - Severna MD.

Sheherazade Imports - Rockville, Virginia. Also a wonderful tour organizer to Egypt!

Eman Nour - Virginia. Contact Eman for Madame Abla costumes from Egypt (703) 461-3213



Turquoise International


Serpentine via Francevision

General Shopping

Sheherazade Imports - Rockville, Virginia


Cleopatra's Closet


Kawakib - A teacher and performer in the Washinton, DC area

Eva Cernik - A teacher and performer of Turkish, Egyptian and fusion dance.

Dalia Carella - A teacher and performer of Turkish, Egyptian and world dance.