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Cry to the Moon -
Taqasim lil Qamar
Taqsim CD cover

"The purpose of the taqsim is to set a meditative mood. Its sound is so distinctive and its association with the mystical state so firm, that it invariably stills the audience, quiets conversation and spreads a pensive atmosphere.”
E.H. Waugh - Sufi Singers: The Munshidin of Egypt

Taqsim (s.) taqasim (pl.) - (n.) (Arabic), a short solo piece for an instrument (mus.), generally improvisational and according to a particular maqam, or note progression. From the root qasama: 1. to divide, distribute, share 2. to exorcise a devil or demon 3. to take an oath, swear.

Qamar - (n.) (Arabic), the moon.

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The album features Sayed, Khamis, Reda and Karim Henkesh and their musical group. It includes an extensive color booklet about the taqsim, Arabic music in general, the instruments used, their history and translations of all the lyrics. There are also sections about Om Kalthoum, Farid al-Atrash, musical groups in Egypt today and how to dance to a taqsim.
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Helwa Qabalni
Ana Fintizarik
Al-Bahr bi-yidhak
Al-Hob Keda
Ya Beta'a al-Yasmin (Wala ya Wala)
Drum solo by Khamis Henkesh

There are 24 tracks.

A song may contain several tracks since each taqsim is mastered as an individual track within the body of the song. To best appreciate the flow of the album it's better to listen to the whole thing through once before track jumping.