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Ala Mahlik
Hoda Sinbati

From Dina's beladi singer, famous for Taht is-Shabak, comes 7 traditional songs, sung in the authentic mawwal style. The album contains the original versions plus another, edited version perfect for performing to. Comes with translations and transliterations of all of the songs. Recorded in Cairo. To hear samples or to download tracks click here.

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1. In Kan Habibi Asil - If My Lover was Honey                  8:10
2. And a-Sawaqi - At Sawaqi                                              6:47
3. Al-Helou fil-Veranda - Beauty on the Veranda               5:35
4. Souq Bena Ya Ousta - The Deal Between Us                 10:41
5. Ala Warq al-Foul - With Jasmin Petals                         8:44
6. Tulli min al-Mushrabiyya - Peak Out from the Window 8:30
7. Qalou al-Wada Mawsouf - Sea Shell Fortune Teller       3:22
8. Tahmela - Musical interlude                                         5:13


9. In Kan Habibi Asil                                         If My Lover was Honey                                    3:50
10. And as-Sawaqi                                             At Sawaqi                                                         3:27
11. Al-Helou fil-Veranda                                   Beauty on the Veranda                                     3:05
12. Souq Bena Ya Ousta                                    The Deal Between Us                                        4:39
13. Ala Warq al-Foul                                         With Jasmin Petals                                          3:21
14. Tulli min al-Mushrabiyya                           Peak Out from the Window                               3:42