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Cymbals Speak: Volume 1
Zill Speak

Cymbals Speak Part 1 - Learn how to play Turkish-American finger cymbals from a master zillist. Artemis has been teaching and playing finger cymbals for over 35 years. The album contains a 36 page color booklet with tips and tricks to help every zillist, no matter what their level. The booklet is abundant with historical background, diagrams on how to play zills, practical drill exercises, a precise listing of the rhythms by "doom" and "teks" and a unique word pattern rhythm created by Artemis as a learning tool. Teachers and students can navigate to the instruction required by the track listing on the back book cover. Tracks are tied to book chapters and include musical theory explanation, patterns and rhythms, varied playing methods, Arabic and non-Arabic Rhythms, sound and pattern drills and more. Samples can be heard on CD Baby $20.00

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Booklet Topics
History of Zills - Why They Fell Out of Favor
Getting Started
How to Choose your Zills

How to Wear Them
How to Hold them
Lefty or Righty?
Useful Sounds
Music Theory and Vocabulary
Pattern Variety for Rhythms
Drills: Patterns in Words
Patterns for the 6/8 Drill
Most Important Rhythms
Four Ways to Play Zills
Helpful Hints
Turkish Spoons
Zill Solo by Artemis Mourat: Joe the Tipsy Cockatoo