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A Letter from Artemis

Dear Friends,

    It has been an exciting and very busy few years. I have done field research in Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, France, London, Slovenia and Greece. I also attended Romany Festivals in France, Turkey and Romania. I was able to get some wonderful video footage of Roma (Gypsies) dancing, celebrating and experiencing everyday life which will be put in the new video and DVD on Romany dance and history. I continue researching my book. I continue in my mission to use dance, history lectures and articles to fight the racism which exists against the Roma. I also continue in my efforts to have Middle Eastern dance receive the recognition and respect that every other legitimate dance form enjoys. I was pleased to win the "Ethnic Dancer of the Year Award" presented by the International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance and the "Most Popular Ethnic Dancer Award" from Zaghareet Magazine. The re-mixed, re-release of the video "Lifting the Veil of Time" is now available. It includes hundreds of images and photographs of dancers, women and locations in the Middle East (past and present). We also added footage to the "Artemis Dances" video. Both are available on DVD.

    It will be a busy year for workshops and I have some new topics that I will be teaching. I am now teaching 7 regular classes a week and many private lessons. I have lectured and taught for Cornell University and Princeton University, for National Public Radio (NPR), for Voice of America and in Spain, England, France, Czech Republic, Canada and Turkey. I have an M.A. in psychology and an MSW in Social Work with an emphasis on cross cultural awareness. I have my LCSW-C license which is an advanced social work license. I conduct women's wellness groups (see my manuscript "You Don't Have to Killl Yourself to be Healthy") and I use my academic background to help in my research (see the list of my articles). Despite an extremely busy schedule, I have written many new articles recently. Thus far, I have been to 33 countries and I look forward to many future adventures. If you look up our dance form in the Oxford University Press International Encyclopedia of Dance, you will see my photograph!

    I have some products available. I am selling music CDs of Turkish music: Romany, Pop and Oriental.

    I am continuing to collect my antique pictures of the women and dancers from North Africa and the Middle East and of the Roma throughout the world. Some of these pictures have been used by the International Encyclopedia of Dance, the Smithsonian Institution, the largest Romany Museum in the world (in the Czech Republic), in all the major Middle Eastern Dance publications and in several books.                    

     Please let me thank you for supporting my projects and research. I believe that we can all use art to build bridges between countries and cultures. I hope all is going well and that the upcoming year will be a happy and profitable one for everyone!

Yours in dance,

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Elizabeth Artemis Mourat, M.A. MSW, LCSW-C