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Middle Eastern Dance

Each performer will have her own requirements for payment. Prices vary depending on the performer, length of the show and location of the event. The minimum price is $150.00. You will set the final price with the dancer herself.

*Each performer will need the following:

a. Clean, dry dance surface clear of food, liquids, etc.
b. A sound system loud enough for the audience to hear.
c. Private dressing area, hopefully with a mirror (restroom is sufficient).
d. Access to restroom.
e. Directions and map to performance location.
f. Name and phone number of contact person, if different than person booking the event.
g. Arrangements for parking.
h.Full payment at the time the dancer arrives at the venue.
i. If you have special requests, please let the dancer know at the time of booking - wedding, birthday party, etc - so that she can plan her show and music accordingly.

* Is tipping okay?

Absolutely, as long as it's done in a respectful way. There are several ways to tip belly dancers, including tips in the dancer's costume (hip belt or bra strap) and the traditional Arab practice of tossing bills over the performer's head.