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Egyptian Finger Cymbals - Sagat

PROFESSIONAL Egyptian finger cymbals!

All finger cymbals are sold 4 to a set. Each includes traditional round elastic and instructions on how
to string them. Two instructional CDs are available, one by Artemis on the Turkish and Vintage
Orientale style, the other by Yasmin on the Egyptian "Clam-Shell" style. Each set also includes a
discount card for one of the CDs. Discounts will also apply to those purchasing more than one set.
Shipping is $5.00 / set. Please call 1 (800) 835-7537 or email us if you are interested.
All weights and diameters approximate. These are hand cast and can vary, particularly in weight. No refunds.

For a sound sample click here. This is an mp3 file that has 1 clappers 2 awlad 3 almee 4 zar.

Clappers - Brass castanets - $50.00

2.8 - 3 ounces each - 2.5 inches in diameter - single hole - large rim to
make "talking" easier. They make a wide variety of pitches depending
on how they are struck. Muted clacking sound, with a ring that is not
sustained. Antique design, handed down for many generations.
Nothing like this is currently available on the market. Truely unique and
original. Designed for the "clam-shell" method of playing.

Almee - Traditional bell sagats - $45.00

2.5 ounces each - 2.25 inches in diameter - single hole - slightly
smaller rim but still as "talkative" - lovely sweet ring with slightly longer
reverberance - bell slightly wider and taller - fits well in all shaped
hands. Designed for the "clam-shell" method, but can be played in the
Turkish or Vintage Orientale style as well.


Zar - large bells to call the Jinn - $50.00

2.8 - 3 ounces each - 2.75 inches in diameter - single hole - very tall
bell - wide rim - longer ring reverberance - used in the traditional zar
- have an otherworld sound to them. A specialty item, but can be used for traditional belly dance performances. Larger hands will have an easier time holding them. Can be played either "clam-shell" or traditional. Each gives a different tone. Truely unusual.

Awlad - for children or very small hands - $30.00

1.8 ounces - 2 inches in diameter - smaller version of the Almee -
small rim - short sweet ring reverberence - mainly for open-handed
playing, they are not suited for the "clam-shell" method unless the
hands are very small. They do not "talk." Ideal starter sagat for those
wishing to adjust to the more unstable single hole finger cymbals.
Made from top quality brass and as thick as the larger varieties. They
are not junk, just smaller.

Yasmin - Larger Professional Sagat - $70.00

3.8 ounces - 2.75 inches in diameter - these heavy professional sagat are designed to reach an octave of pitch changes. They are a combination of the Almee dome and the Clapper rim. Making them talk is easy, building up the hand muscles necessary to play them is harder.

Hathor - for teachers and experienced players - $80.00

5 ounces - 3 inches in diameter - The ultimate talking sagat. Because of their large size and thick brass they don't just talk, they sing. Their rich deep tones are ideal for teachers because they can be heard above a room full of students. BUT, their extreme weight requires good technique and experience on lighter models.