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Cymbals Speak: Volume 2
Sagat Speak

Learn how to play traditional Egyptian one-holed finger cymbals. Included on the CD and in the instructional booklet is everything a musician or dancer needs to know about the "clam-shell" grip, pitch changes and rhythmic phrasing. Drills are included for 25 different rhythms, along with a sagat solo recorded live in Egypt. Many of the rhythms are not available elsewhere. Malfouf, slow maqsoum, saidi, slow nubi, sinbati, maghrabi 6/8, rumba, khaligi, samba, ayoub, fast nubi, fast maqsoum, ingara, masmoudi soughrayir, bayo, ayoub, sinbati, samaee, darig, shoubi /Iraqi, wahda, masmoudi kabir, bambi, fox, dubki and adani



     This is Part 2 of of our finger cymbal instructional duo, Cymbals Speak. As the title suggests, this album is dedicated to the art of playing Egyptian single-holed finger cymbals, sagat. As you will discover, they require a different technique than the more modern, two-slotted Turkish-American instruments lovingly described by Artemis in Part 1, Zill Speak. But before the technique lessons, the album compares the difference between zills and sagat and goes into a detailed history of the instruments. Are they two names for the same instrument or two different species descended from a common ancestor? The answers are all in the 40 page color booklet that accompanies the CD.

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  1. Egyptian Rhythm Drill 1: malfouf, slow maqsoum, saidi, slow nubi
  2. Egyptian Rhythm Drill 2: sinbati, maghrabi 6/8, rumba, khaligi
  3. Egyptian Rhythm Drill 3: samba, ayoub, fast nubi
  4. The 6 Sounds
  5. Sound Drills
  6. # Pattern Drills
  7. Basic Egyptian Rhythms: malfouf, maqsoum and ayoub
  8. Number Combinations
  9. Nursery Rhymes
  10. Ghawazee Patterns - FROM 1798! Translated from Napoleon's Description de l'Egypte
  11. Sagat Solo – field recording
  12. Egyptian Drill without sagat – 1
  13. Egyptian Drill without sagat – 2
  14. Egyptian Drill without sagat – 3
  15. Specialty Rhythm Drill 1: maqsoum, ingara, masmoudi soughrayir, bayo
  16. Specialty Rhythm Drill 2: ayoub, sinbati, sama3e, darig, shoubi (Iraqi)
  17. Specialty Rhythm Drill 3: wahda, masmoudi kabir, bambi, fox, dubki, 3adani